How to Increase the Value of Your Bathroom

How to Increase the Value of Your Bathroom

Did you know that a few simple upgrades to your bathroom can raise the asking price for your home if/when you put it on the market? Here is how to increase the value of your bathroom:

Adding another one — If your home only has one bathroom, it’s definitely worth adding another. It’s estimated that you can recoup as much as 130% of the investment you made into the bathroom–basically, adding a second bathroom can make your home more valuable than it was. If you have a half-bath, consider upgrading it to a full bathroom to increase the bathroom’s value.

Add a tub — Adding a shower to your new bathroom will increase its value, but not as much as adding a tub will. Many homeowners and prospective buyers view bathtubs as a luxury, one they’re often willing to pay a bit more for. You’ll need a bit more space to work with (35 square feet, compared to the 30 square feet needed for a shower alone), but it’s definitely worth the extra investment if you have the room.

Upgrade the hardware — Installing chrome hardware (faucets, knobs, shower heads, towel racks, etc.) will give the bathroom a modern, elegant look. When it comes to increasing your home’s value, the appearance is highly important.

Switch out the porcelain — If your sinks and toilet are getting old, it’s time to switch them out for new ones. Changing the toilet and sinks can help you give your bathroom a new look, and it’s a good investment to consider. Plus, you can install a low-flow toilet that will cut back on your water usage–saving you money on your water bill.

These additions and upgrades are simple, but they’ll increase the value of your bathroom drastically!

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