A space odyssey

A space odyssey

Whenever my friends come from abroad to visit, the first thing they notice about typical English homes is how small they are compared to their spacious abodes. How rude!

But if there’s one thing about us Brits, it’s that we do know how to make the most out of what little we have, so here are a few tips and tricks that play on the eye, to make the most out of your living space.

Mirror mirror on the wall…

Mirrors create space by bringing extra light into the room making it seem bigger. Fact. Especially if you place the mirror opposite a window. Seeing reflections trick our eyes into believing there’s more to see than there actually is. Ever been in a club or a bar and gone to walk into that ‘other room’. Exactly.

Tone, Tone, Tone

Two-toned paint visually raises the ceiling, giving the illusion of… higher ceilings and thus, a larger room. Here’s what you do. Paint the bottom two-thirds of your walls a slightly richer but neutral shade than the top third but make sure you stick to light tones. Remember, it’s not only on the old but that dark colours are slimming. And black bedrooms are so eighties. And not in a cool way.

What’s under there? 

My mum got me the smartest kitchen table ever. Wheels and seats that lift and oooh look, four new drawers under your bums! I’m still having trouble deciding what to store in them! There are so many smart furniture options out there. I’ve got beds with under-storage like drawers, chairs with storage space, sofas with storage space. Check out Ebay for some cool ideas. I’ve even seen an armchair with book storage space! Never has space been so interesting.

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