Amazing Gadgets for a High Tech Home Part 2

Amazing Gadgets for a High Tech Home Part 2

What could be cooler than installing gadgets to make your house a high tech home? Here are some of the best gadgets to consider bringing into your house:

RIMA Lamp — If you want very specific light for your home, this lamp is definitely the thing for you! It’s the ideal desk lamp, as it’s made to sit right over your computer or papers–giving you fully customizable light as you work. You can control the width of the light by sliding the four rings, and you’ll also be able to determine the amount of heat, the angle of the beam, the intensity of the light, and even the light’s color! It’s as user-friendly and versatile as a lamp gets.

Self-Sterilizing Door Handle — Worried about germs and viruses being passed from person to person in your home? With this door handle, you never need to worry about it again! The moment you release the door handle, the UV light inside turns on, killing off all the germs and bacteria from your hand. The moment you touch the handle, the light turns off. It’s a brilliant way to reduce your risk of infection, designed specifically to combat the influenza virus that has been sweeping the nation.

Sony Eclipse — Want to ALWAYS have power for your sound system, but without ever having to plug it in? The Sony Eclipse is a brilliant media player, which uses solar power to keep the player charged. You simply stick it onto a window or glass door, and the photovoltaic cells built into the back of the player will soak up the sunlight and keep the player juiced and ready to go. Plus, you know the quality of the Sony sound system is excellent!

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