Architecture: The CCTV Building, Beijing

Architecture: The CCTV Building, Beijing

Beijing is home to some of the most cutting edge architecture and design the world has to offer today. But yesterday, the strangest and most innovative of all architectural darings was unveiled, and not everyone is happy about it.

The uber modern CCTV Headquarters in Beijing, designed by OMA has finally been completed. Containing TV studios, offices and facilities for production and broadcasting, the official construction completion ceremony for the ethereal  building was held yesterday. The buildings are intended to be occupied before the end of this year.

It is quite unnerving at first glance as you will see in the video below: it has a futuristic, almost surreal quality to its design. The architects call it, ‘a reinvention of the skyscraper as a loop’, and it has taken over 10 years to complete. At around 473000m2, CCTV was designed to accommodate all the cities TV studios and offices, along with broadcasting and production facilities in one place in order to allow better communication and activities between them.

architecture. CCTV-Headquarters.

Its height is dizzying. The building begins from a common platform, then has two towers which lean out and then towards each other, merging into a perpendicular, 75-metre cantilever at the top.

The project was led by a team of over 100 OMA architects including the famous architect Rem Koolhaas, who commented to,

 “I am very happy, after years of intense collaboration, that the CCTV building will soon begin to perform its role in the way it is intended.”

However the Chinese president, Ji Xinping has called for an end of the country’s ‘weird architecture’  after a spate of new and unusual buildings have sprung up across China thanks to the development and property boom the country has been seeing in recent years, such as the skyscraper shaped like a doughnut and  the pebble-shaped complex for real-estate developer Soho China.

photo credit: Dezeen

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