Architecture: Domo Dom, Krakow, Poland

Architecture: Domo Dom, Krakow, Poland

Architecture: Check out this spectacularly functional house in Krakow, Poland.

Designed by Tadeusz Lemański so he could fit his garage underneath it, the building curves upwards towards the sky in such a dramatic way, it seems to play a trick on the eye.

The house, known as Domo Dom locally, was purposely designed to help the owner overcome local planning restrictions. He wanted a garage attached to his house, however the planning rules meant the size and shape would be tightly restricted.

Lemanski told Dezeen, “The main idea of the project was to design each room in the way that they do not lose anything from their functionality,” explained the architect. “At the same time, the house has to meet land development conditions that impose using gable roofs.”

Lemański’s decided the only way around the challenge was to create a single-storey volume, abstract it, and slot a garage underneath.

“The concept of the house is a simple cube that includes the main functions – living room, kitchenette and bedroom,” he said. “In order to fulfil the development conditions, the bedroom was lifted to the loft and the garage was moved under it.”

To echo the materials used on the more traditional neighbouring structures in the Wolsi Forest district of Krakow,  the architect used grey sandstone and black titanium-zinc panels. He also contrasted shades of both materials to give a distinct and obvious division between the main living spaces and the garage.

The front door, which is round the back of the garage, leads on to a small hallway which homes a combined living room and kitchen, a bathroom and then a staircase leading up to a first-floor bedroom.

Take note of the two side windows which are angled to match to match the sloping staircase inside.


Lemanski continued, “Their shape underlines the dynamism of the building that rises in the same direction.”

The bedroom has a sloped roof which rises up to a point then curves down sharply to meet the floor.

There are three skylights which make it a bright living space, and plenty of clever seating which also masquerades as stoarge too.

photo credit: Dezeen

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