Architecture For Dogs?

Architecture For Dogs?

Humans are very good at building useful, practical and beautiful structures for their fellow humans to enjoy, but what about the loyal animal we have domesticated and expect to live within our world, the faithful dog?

Architecture for dogs is an innovative and thoughtful project which architects have designed fun and intelligent structures for dogs and their owners.

As most dogs in the western world live indoors with their owners and families, rarely do they use any form of structure which has been soled designed with their needs in mind. Rather, humans specifically design pet structures with the comfort and ease of humans in mind: there is no such a thing as architecture for dogs.

So when challenged to design architecture for dogs, a group of architects actually put the loyal creature first in their minds and went to town designing structures which dogs could use, enjoy and would fit perfectly with their needs and characters. Dogs DO have characters, you know!

Architects and designers, Kengo Kuma, Toyo Ito, Shigeru Ban, MVRDV and Konstantin Grcic designed a series of downloadable architectural structures that are just for our faithful friends. The blueprints are saved on an open-source network where dog-owners are able to download the templates for each of the thirteen designs, then build them for their dogs, if they are handy with a bit of wood, hammer and nail and fluffy material, lights, mirror…

Each was asked to create a structure which would alter the way that owners interact with their loyal friend for example,  Atelier Bow-Wow  designed a ramp for a daschund which makes it possible for the owner comfortably engage in eye contact with the wee dog, which has short legs. Despite what they say in the movies, dogs need reassuring eye contact, just like partners!

Did you know that poodles are apparently the only dog that can recognise its own reflection? Designer Konstantin Grcic knew, so he designed a mirror just for the poodle to check him/herself out whenever the mood takes him/her.

Beagles are known to be friendly and playful, so MVRDV created this gabled kennel which rocks back and forth, just like a baby.


Check out the rest of the designs, download the plans and create one of these special structures for your doggy and they will love you forever. They’ll probably love you forever anyway, because that’s what makes dogs so special but with one of these, they’ll love you for ever, ever.

photo credit: Architecture For Dogs

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