Aurora Borealis Airport Planned For Norway

Aurora Borealis Airport Planned For Norway

Imagine being able to fly straight through the spectacular Aurora Borealis, your face pressed against the plane window, mesmerised by the luminous green phenomenon flashing and shooting in the sky around your plane. Or perhaps, in the winter months, your plane might be bathed in the bright white, midnight sunlight as it lands.

If this sounds like one of your bucket list dreams, you will soon have a better chance of experiencing it, thanks to Haptic and the Nordic Office of Architecture, a partnership recently appointed to design a new airport in the town of Mo i Rana, on the west coast of Norway, just south of the Arctic Circle, and in the heart of Aurora land. The airport is expected to cater to the thousands of visitors journeying there in the hope of experiencing one of the world’s most magnificent phenomena.

Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights or Midnight Lights are said to be caused by charged particles which enter the atmosphere from above thus causing ionisation and excitation of atmospheric constituents, and the colourful optical emissions.

The airport project includes a state-of-the-art new terminal building, airport control tower, service buildings and various airport structures, and follows the successful feasibility study which took place in 2010, leading to the appointment of Haptic.

Tomas Stokke, a Haptic director, told “This was one of the first projects we undertook at Haptic, so we are especially pleased to see it coming to fruition. It is a unique opportunity to create a brand airport in an amazing location.”

Haptic has already partnered up on a project with Nordic, who are Norway’s biggest architect, to design a 220-room hotel and conference centre in also on the west coast of Norway in Straume.

According to the report, Haptic has also been working on a number of other international airports in collaboration with other architectural practices, including pairing up on the $9 billion Istanbul Grand Airport with Grimshaw.

Check out the video below which shows you what Aurora Borealis looks like from space…and they say alien life doesn’t exist… pah!


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