Awesome Kitchen Trends to Consider

Awesome Kitchen Trends to Consider

Want to make your kitchen look stylish and elegant? Here are a few of the best modern kitchen trends to consider:

Tearing down walls — Open layout kitchens are all the rage these days, and you’ll love the bright, airy feel of the kitchen. You’ll have a much more informal dining setting. Plus, you get a lot more space to move about without feeling confined in a walled room.

Innovative kitchen tech — There are so many gadgets that can help to make your home more modern and convenient. Think a “door in door refrigerator”, automated dishwasher, and coffee machine with an automatic timer. It makes everything quicker and easier for you.

Cooking with induction devices — Induction burners and ovens aren’t just the modern trend–they’re also a whole lot faster and safer than your traditional appliances. They even make your kitchen look better!

Ceiling treatments — The kitchen is a utilitarian room, but it doesn’t have to be either boring or plain. Your ceilings can use some simple treatments that will add a whole decorative feel to the place. Definitely worth spicing up the décor!

Simple colors — The era of splashy, overly colorful kitchens has come to an end, replaced by simple, stark kitchens with plain color palettes and décor. White walls, counters, and surfaces always look better with a bit of color to brighten them up, but the main color scheme is simple and tasteful.

LED light bulbs — Want to save big on your utility bills and make your kitchen as modern as possible? Install LED light bulbs all around your kitchen, and you’ll use as little as $1 per year per bulb. These low-power bulbs last A LONG time, and they are eco-friendly and worth every penny.

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