Beautify your home with interior design tips

Beautify your home with interior design tips

Everyone wants to live in a beautiful home and to achieve this you need some great interior design tips. A beautiful home is an ideal that many of us share, the question is, how do we get started? If you’re like most, then then just the thought of redecorating your home can make you feel nervous. Have no fear! Help is at hand in this article!

We’ve provided a number of interior design tips to get you started but before you get to work on restyling a room, think about what kind of room it is and what you’re going to be using it for. Consider the amount of people that will be using the room and take into account whether you have lots of guests or people coming to that room. The more people you have visiting, the more practical and comfortable the room needs to be. Of course, this doesn’t apply to your bedroom. That room is for you and the one you share it with and should make you feel comfortably relaxed and loved.

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The kitchen is one of the rooms we spend quite some time in. A lot of natural materials, such as granite can be quite costly too. So consider wood, cork or even concrete to give your counter tops a new look. Then we have the space in the kitchen. Yes, you and I have much too many things in the kitchen which are sitting in drawers waiting to be used or even things which clutter the cupboards and take up too much space. Chuck all the things (plates, cups, glasses or appliances) that you don’t use away. An even better idea would be to give old but working appliances to charity. Not only will your kitchen look great because of the extra space, you’ll also make someone else happy.

Kitchens are often associated with warm and happy feelings so choose a colour for the walls that promotes this. Beiges, tans and off white colours work well and you can add stronger accent colours to accessories you may have in the kitchen. Even the napkins and clothes for drying hands or plates can be great colour accessories.

If you don”t have a huge budget but are looking to revamp your kitchen then think of replacing just the doors to your kitchen cupboards. If replacing the doors is above budget then just replace the handles instead.


You probably wouldn’t think the ceiling is all that important but it really is. By keeping the colour of your ceiling lighter that the colour of your walls, you’ll be able to create a wider feeling. Bright ceilings expand our sense of space and so your room will look and feel much bigger than it really is.

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Having the right kind of light in your home is also important. You can go for chandeliers and grand fixtures at a discount or even second hand if you have a limited budget. Explore the second hand stores on websites for inspiration and you’ll be able to find beautiful lighting that is right for your home.


Light colours are used a lot in homes. This is because lighter colours, such as creams or whites give a room a spacious feeling. If you live in a small space then this is especially important. Avoid dark room unless you have natural light coming in from more than one side or if the room is very big and you want it to appear more cosy.

Children’s Bedrooms

Imagine yourself to be a child again. Think of all the things you wanted and needed back then. Think about the height of things too. When designing a child’s room it’s important to make it functional for the child that’s going to be using that room too. Children are generally smaller than adults so make sure you design your child’s room with their height in mind. Keep books at an easy height and use boxes to store toys or cuddles so that your child can tidy their room up themselves and more easily. An important thing to also consider is safety. For young children, think about protecting sockets with safety covers and remove anything which could be dangerous or harm them.

Children’s art interior design tips -

If you have kids or nieces and nephew’s you’ll know how wonderfully creative they are with their art. Not all things will take your fancy but you’ll certainly be able to find a few beautiful pieces.  Get your child or niece/nephew to select a couple of their favourites to hang up. In that way you get them involved. Store the rest in an artwork box to be treasured. In that way your child or niece/nephew won’t be upset that you’ve not hung up everything. Try not to hang things up with a magnet on a fridge. This is nice for a while but before long it will get messy.

interior design tips - home.planetfem.comPicture and Photo frames

Even though the world is busy taking digital photos these days, you can still print off a few of them and frame them for your home. The great thing about photo or picture frames is that you can place there wherever you want. Most can be hung on the wall or stood on a table in portrait or landscape form. If you do hang them on your wall, think about hanging them in a patterned form. Straight lines are boring but when you hand photos up on the wall near a staircase you create a wonderful feeling to a mundane area. Don’t space them too close together though, otherwise it could look cluttered.


Did you know that shiny or reflective floors are ways to brighten up a room? This is because light also gets reflected from them and you know how much good light does to a room. You can use tiles to create this effect and preferably lighter ones which work well in kitchens or bathrooms.


Rugs, throws, blankets and curtains not only make a room feel comfortable they’re also useful for keeping sound in the room and creating a warm feeling. The bigger the room, the more soft accessory furnishings you may need. The smaller the room, the smaller the rug too. If you’re adding a rug to a room them make sure the rug doesn’t fill the entire floor space. The rug is a feature and its functionality is just that. If you want your floor to be completely covered then think about using a thin carpet instead.

These are some easy tips which should help you get going. Try implementing these features one by one and you’ll see your house transformed into the home of your dreams very soon!


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