Being Smart With Your Garbage Disposal

Being Smart With Your Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal can be a very handy addition to your home, provided you use it right! Here are a few do’s and don’ts of garbage disposal units:


  • Keep the blades sharp. It will make it easier for the garbage disposal to shred foods items and reduce the risk of clogs and breakage.
  • Flush the disposal regularly. Keep the water running when turning on the garbage disposal, as that will ensure that all the food goes down the drain.
  • Use it often. The more you use it, the less likely it will be to rust and develop problems. Don’t OVERLOAD it, but do use it regularly.
  • Keep the food particles fairly small. Think cooked meat, scraps of raw and cooked fruits and veggies, and other small, easily chopped foods. Larger scraps of food will strain the blades.
  • Clean it regularly. Use a bit of dish soap and cold water to keep it clean.


  • Throw bones or anything too hard down the sink. These things will damage the blades, and could actually break the motor. If it’s not easy to chop with a knife, the blade will have a hard time with it!
  • Throw anything other than food down the drain. Glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, metal, or cigarette butts will mess up the garbage disposal unit, leading to breakage and costly repairs. ONLY food goes down!
  • Throw too much food down the drain. The garbage disposal unit isn’t a garbage can. You shouldn’t throw leftovers or large quantities of food peels or scraps down the drain. It’s means to eliminate the small food particles that are commonly found in the sink when washing dishes.
  • Pour grease down the drain. Oils, fats, and grease will clog the drain and accumulate around the blades.
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