Celebrity Homes For Sale: Choose!

Celebrity Homes For Sale: Choose!

Celebrity Homes For Sale: If you could live next door to any celebrity, who would you choose?

We all know these are some of the most important unanswered questions in life and now thanks to some either genius, or very bored Right Moves internet whizkids (though, it’s possible they could be whizadults – terrible ring to it, but possible that these adults were the lucky one’s who accomplished their life’s dream – making computer games for a living) have designed an online quizzamyjig type thing which helps you to make the right decision, before your Right Move (see what I did there, see?)

Yay or Neighbours, (what a clever name!) is Rightmove’s latest interactive quiz, designed to find the nation’s favourite celeb neighbour.

Choosing from some of the biggest names in the celebworld stratosphere (here’s looking at you, sexy Queeny Dame Helen Mirren) to those sporting Gods, we all drool over and adore and kids revere and the world berates when it turns out they were only human after all. They have even included world famous chefs as everyone knows the way to ANYONES heart is to cook them good food – this wide and eclectic array of celebrity-shaped humans are battling for your votes in what Right Move are (potentially mis-) labelling as ‘the poll to end all polls’.

According to their website, at present Keira Knightley is currently leading the charge with a whopping 59% of people saying ‘yay’ to having her as their next door neighbour. Seriously people, do you really want to come home every night to that expression twitching through the curtains at you? Seriously? Surprisingly, poor old Wayne Rooney currently only has 16% of the vote, though he might get more sympathy votes after that video of him getting a punch on the nose by that other footballer went viral….

To get involved with all the excitement and add your vote to our ‘Yay or Neighbours’ poll, simply head over to www.rightmove.co.uk/viz/yay-or-neighbours/. Happy voting! 

photo credit: Right Move

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