Celebrity Homes For Sale:Jeremy Clarkson

Celebrity Homes For Sale:Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson has lots in common with Paddington Bear, don’t you think? Both like to travel, both are in their 50s (Jeremy being 54 and Paddington slightly older at 56, though you would never have guessed at Paddy’s age, right?) and finally, both lived at Home Farm in the 1970’s!

Take a look around at the Home Farm on the Right Move website here.

But their link is far(m) more solid than that. In fact, the former Top Gear presenter, who has been in the press for all the wrong reasons yet again this month, actually lived in the four-bedroom, grade II listed property in which Paddington Bear lived in all the stories!  Jeremy’s childhood home, he shared with his family featured in the stories as Jeremy’s mother, Shirley, made the Paddington Bear toys that those of us from that generation know and love.

Shirley Clarkson wrote a book “Bearly Believable: My part in the Paddington Bear story”, in which she writes fondly of the years she spent sewing wee Paddingtons from the 16th-century farmhouse kitchen in Burghwallis, Yorkshire.  

Rightmove is listing the property for £595,000, and the photos are impressive. Think stunning green gardens with picturesque views of the rolling hills of the Yorkshire countryside. Rightmove say that the property might not be suitable for Clarkson junior these days as it comes with only one garage. Definitely not a place for broom broom nuts.

The historic former farmhouse  has a private long gravel driveway, the building itself has country-style wooden beams, a large stone open fireplace for those cold Yorkshire nights and, of course, a cellar for that collection of wines. Hmm. Might be suitable for him, after all, we all know, thanks to recent press, just how much he likes wine!

If you think this house is wheelie lovely (sorry, couldn’t resist), check out some more photos of the property below:

Clarkson in a wig? No, that’s Paddington, silly! The other photo is his mother. Bless.
photo credit: Right Move
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