Celebrity Homes For Sale: Liz Hurley

Celebrity Homes For Sale: Liz Hurley

Celebrity Homes For Sale: Elizabeth ‘the pin dress’ Hurley has put her very posh country mansion up for sale, including its ‘party barn’.

The model and actress has put her Herefordshire home up for a cool £6million quid. The period property named ‘Ampney Knowle’ (inspired by Bey Bey, perhaps? lol) comes fully equipped with its own farm including ‘hundreds’ of farmyard animals and acres upon acres of stunning private woodlands and beautiful gardens. The house has nine bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, six in total. It also has four reception rooms, secondary accommodation, a tennis court and shooting/blood sporting facilities – if you like that sort of thing. Obviously Liz does!

The charming Cotswold stone family house has magnificent country views, a three bed guest cottage and even a flat for staff. The party barn is a converted stable block. Wonder what sort of parties she hosts there!
If you check out the listing on Rightmove,  you can have a gander at the actress’s interior design skills and style which is evident throughout… she owns a huge self-portrait,topless statues, what we’re presuming is a real tiger skin draped over a grand piano and even a stuffed alligator. We wouldn’t like to comment on the sum of these decorative items, we’ll leave that to your good taste and judgement!

However, in her defence, Liz has made a name for herself off the screen too – as an organic farmer. She is an advocate for healthy living and speaks regularly on the subject at events and to the media and she even sells those farmyard animals we mentioned earlier – as rare breed meat to local Farmer’s Markets and even top London restaurants! We wonder if she actually mucks out the pigs and the cows herself? Perhaps that’s Damien, her son’s job. Check out the photos for the house here. 

photo credit: Right Move

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