Celebrity Homes: Hollywood Christmas

Celebrity Homes: Hollywood Christmas

Celebrity homes must glitter in gold at Christmas while the rest of us get clever with some Tesco tinsel (still a bargain, in my opinion). But there’s one industry which do pulls the stops out, no expense spared: Hollywood.

Those set designers really know how to make us weep with envy and get us out there spending money, recreating our favourite Christmas scenes, trees, living rooms, front lawns and even the Christmas dining tables we see in the movies! I know I’ve always been influenced by White Christmas,with the classic holly wreath on the door, and red and white decorations, I always thought it was dead classy, even in my rented rooms, shared flats and bedsits, even though after a few glasses of mulled wine I end up forgetting and going for a more multi-coloured theme because I never seem to have enough of the matchy-matchy stuff.

What’s your favourite Hollywood Christmas film? Below are a few spectacularly designed classic Christmas film sets from the Elle Decor Celebrity style Hollywood Christmas special which’ll to make you drool over your turkey.


Eyes Wide Shut

Everybody loves fairy lights, especially at Christmas. My dad used to love driving around spotting the cool and the more bizarrely lit homes in our town. I have one friend who never took his fairy lights down after Christmas one year and has left them there ever since!  Imagine the electricity bill for this scene alone!

design-ideas-holiday-movies-04-2-lgn (1)

Love Actually

I love this film! I love Martine McCutcheon’s south Londoner  lingo, and Hugh Grant’s cute take on the PM (they could all take notes when it comes to his dancing, by the way) but most of all, I love the family Christmas scene, when Colin Firth’s character goes to propose to the lovely Aurelia and is met by her family: papa wearing his Christmas hat with pride, the kids running riot round the house and the ladies all hiccuping from too much vino!

But, what I really really love most  abut that scene is the fact that my Christmas card garlands, the ones which my mum taught me to do from a very early age  ( the very easy and effective hang -your -christmas -cards- up- on -the -tinsel,- picture frames -and -paintings type) – is something other families obviously do too as they have them all over their house! (Wonder if they also rehang last year’s cards to make them seem more popular… hmmm, it can’t be just me, surely!)

love actually


photo credits: Elledecor

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