Cheap and Easy Home Improvements Part 1

Cheap and Easy Home Improvements Part 1

Want to make your home look beautiful but don’t want to spend a fortune? Here are a few cheap and easy home improvements you can do:

  • Add entryway storage — Don’t leave your entryway cluttered with car keys, house keys, and other knickknacks. Even if you don’t have a closet in the foyer, go for a small side table or desk with drawers. You can arrange pictures on top of the desk to make it look beautiful and decorative, but the drawers will be very handy for keeping mail, keys, etc.
  • Turn a drawer into a charging station –– If you’re sick and tired of your home being cluttered with charging cellphones, tablets, and other devices, turn a drawer into a charging station. Cut a hole in the back to run an extension cord in, and install a power strip. Make small compartments in the drawer for all the individual devices. You can keep everything charged without cluttering up the house.
  • Paint the front door –– This is such a simple home improvement, and yet one that will totally freshen up the appearance of your front door. Add a bit of shiny chrome or gold-plated hardware on the doorknob, knocker, and doorbell, and choose a color that is bright and cheery. Think tomato red or TARDIS blue!
  • Add a kitchen light fixture –– The kitchen is often such a dull, dreary place, but not with the right light fixture. A fancy chandelier or elegant light fixture can go a long way toward giving the kitchen a fresh look, and it will lift the décor of the room. It’s usually fairly easy to install your own light fixtures (just make sure the power is turned off at the junction box).

If you want more cheap and easy home improvements, you’ll love the ones in Part 2…

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