Cheats Guide To Cleaning

Cheats Guide To Cleaning

Does your mum’s visits instil you with fear because you don’t know one end of the vacuum to the other? Do you avoid having friends over as often as you could because your home doesn’t smell quite as fresh as it should?

This week we are sharing Aggie Mackenzie’s cleaning cheats, and trust us these are just what a non-cleaner needs!

How often have you run around with the air freshener or Febreze, stuffing dirty clothes down the back of the sofa and dirty dishes into the pots and pans cupboard five minutes before an unexpected visitor arrives, praying they don’t offer to whip up some lunch or ask to borrow a dress!

If, like us, cleaning isn’t your forte, then this is definitely for you – according to Aggie, there are plenty of ways you can cheat people into believing that you have an immaculate home!

1) Cleaning guru Aggie MacKenzie (the one off the telly) recently revealed to BT that she doesn’t wash her cushion covers or pillows regularly. In fact all she does is stick them in the tumble dryer for 10 minutes with a scented sheet of fabric softener instead!

2) Another favourite cheat of Aggie’s, and which I intend to use regularly, is the ‘steam-cleaning-the-microwave-by-half-filling-a-heat-proof-bowl-with-hot-water cheat. Add some fresh lemon to the bowl, then turn the microwave to high for five minutes and bosh- all signs of last night’s midnight pasta feast disappear as though it never happened! The lemon water-steam loosens any dirt which just wipes away with a dry cloth!

3) brush up the bathroom by simply shaking off the bath mat leaves it looking freshly hoovered. Then with a dampened paper towel, or even a dirty towel, wipe the corners of the room where dust and hair gather and bosh – clean bathroom!

2) Wicker your clutter into storage boxes  – perfect for shoving the clutter together into and making surfaces easier to wipe clean and keeping all your lose bits that you’ll need one day, together!

3) Vinegar is your friend!  Shower scum can be unsightly and make a fairly clean bathroom look scummy. So, keep the taps in your bathroom free of water marks by mixing water and white vinegar in a spray bottle and using it with a dry cloth to quickly spruce things up hygienically!

photo credit: Pipe Perfection


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