Christmas Cards: Get Creative!

Christmas Cards: Get Creative!

Sending Christmas cards is one of the most cordial Christmas traditions. Every year I get a card from the old boy across the road whom I rarely see during the year (as I get up early every day and come home late, and at the weekends he goes to his family). Whenever we do see each other, we will stop and swap pleasantries for a minute in the street, and every year without fail, he will make the effort to pop a card in my letterbox and I will return do the same.

The Christmas card industry big business. In the US they send an estimated 3 billion every year, in the UK, 1.7billion. Insane numbers if you think about it, and way too many trees being cut down for it, but it does go to prove that people like to be cordial and there is more love in the world than we realise, after all: they certainly aren’t sent with hate, right!

But what do you with your pile of Christmas cards once the festive season ends? Don’t just put them in the recycling bin! Here are a few creative ideas for you.

Turn cards into new cards! All you need is some glue, scissors and plain card.  Get some glitter. Cut, stick, get creative! I’ve found people much prefer cards which have been made especially for them, no matter how amateur they look!

An easier option is to Make gift tags for presents! So simple, you’ll be like, ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ It’s ok, you can pretend it’s your idea! Merry Christmas! All you need to do it cut squares out of the old cards, then fold in the middles or cut some plain card the same size and stick to the back. It’s easier to line up the old card with the white card and cut together for size. Glue, get the end of the scissors and make a hole through one corner and there you have a gift tag!

Another cool creative idea is to make a bookmark from old cards and add a tassel! Or make a puzzle for the kids by cutting a complete card into ten or so pieces and then the children can put it back together. Obviously the more pieces you cut out, the harder the game will be!

photo credit: Coconut Heads Survival Guide

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