Christmas Trees: Get Creative!

Christmas Trees: Get Creative!

There’s nothing more depressing than seeing the streets lined with discarded Christmas trees, kicked to the curb after fulfilling their responsibilities once the festive season has ended. It’s sad and wasteful, but if you don’t know what else to do with it, then what can you do?

There are so many fantastic and simple ideas to give your tree another lease of life after Christmas and then you don’t have to feel so guilty about cutting down a life-giving tree just to use as an ornament for twelve days. You don’t feel guilty? Really, you should. But, we are here to help! Here’s what you can do.

Got one of those fashionable burner fireplaces? Chop up the tree and use it as firewood! It might sound patronising but I just KNOW there are some people out there who will throw their tree away and then go and BUY firewood to put into their fires…it’s a no-brainer, but after two weeks of eating, drinking and making merry, brains turn to mush. Just make sure the wood has thoroughly dried out before you try to burn the wood, as it could be dangerous otherwise.

Before you do chop up the branches, take a box or container and rub all the pine leaves off the branches! Once you have collected them up, put your nose in and breathe. Mmmm. Smells like… air freshener! Now, depending on how creative you are, you can either a) make some small bags and fill with the pine leaves, or b) buy some small bags and fill with the pine leaves! Then use all round the house, wherever you would like it to smell of Scandinavian pine forests.

If any of your children (or you!) are into birdwatching, this one’s for you/them. Pull off the smaller branches of the tree, deplete of pine leaves, then dip it into peanut butter or margarine and roll in bird seed. You have a homemade birdfeeder! Now, hand this branch up somewhere in your garden or on your balcony, even just outside your window.  You may have to keep watch for a few days but once the birds find your treat, you’ll be treated to a private viewing of nature in action!

photo credit: DIY Guides

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