Closet Makeovers 101

Closet Makeovers 101

If not organized carefully, your closet can become a black hole of messy clothing, disorganized accessories, and more! Here is what you need to know about good closet makeovers:

Use shoe boxes — If you want to keep your shoes in order, by small plastic or glass shoe boxes. They’ll be perfect for organizing your shoes, and you’ll be able to see which pair is where for easy wearing.

Find the right hangers — This really does matter! Tailored jackets need wooden hangers, delicate items must be hung on hangers with satin padding, and so on. Make sure that you have the right hangers for the clothes in your closet!

Buy plastic drawers for accessories — You’d be amazed by how much space your accessories can take up if they’re not organized! Scarves, purses, hats, and jewelry can spread out until your closets are full! Thankfully, you can avoid this problem by buying plastic drawers and filling them with all of your accessories. Everything will be visible, but neatly organized.

Hang purses — Don’t scatter your purses around the closet, but hang them in the closet. You can buy simple hooks that fit your curtain rod, and hang the purses alongside all of your other clothing. Just make sure they’re empty before you hang them up.

Keep boxes handy — You’ll want to always have boxes in the closet, as that will give you space to stow all the “out of season” clothing items you aren’t wearing. Keep your summer dresses in the boxes during winter, and replace them with your winter coats during the summer months.

Label everything — This will help you know where to find all of your clothing and accessories without having to move everything aside. It’s a quick and easy solution for optimal closet storage!

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