Cool Fixtures And Fittings

Cool Fixtures And Fittings

There are many ways to individualise your home without breaking the bank; you just need some inspiration, We took a look at some of the most creative fixture and fittings ideas on the internet and have collated them below for your ease!

One way to inspire your children’s imaginations or even to use as the perfect enchanted forest backdrop for those nightly Gruffalo story sessions, is this rather cool (or scary) lampshade from John Lewis!  Trees and branches crafted from metal and finished in a matt-effect paint, give beautiful, evocative shadows on the walls when lit, creating a 365 degree shadow on the walls and ceiling. Not bad for £75quid. Buy online here.



Soap dishes = ugh. The bottom always gets slimy, if you don’t use the soap quick enough (why aren’t you using soap quick enough?), the soap gets covered in hairs and gunk rendering it useless and ugly and thus it heads straight for the bin. What a waste. Not if you have a Bow Industries self-cleaning soap dish!  This rather gorgeous alloy and brushed nickel design is sleek, and timeless in both form and function and a very clever wee thing too! The soap water drains into the base where is actually evaporates, leaving your soap clean and dry and useful until the end of its life. You will never have to clean your soap dish or waste soap every again! They promise that a bar of soap will last 20% longer than usual. It’s also lightweight, weighing in at approximately 0.89 pounds and includes a non-slip rubber pad on bottom of base, so no slipping and chipping at your enamel either. Isn’t it the best? Check out their other fixtures and fittings too. They are very clever chaps and chappettes, those Bow lot! And at $24.99. it’s darn reasonable to! See the product here. 



photo credit: Bow Industries John Lewis and Tresamble Trading


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