Creative Ways To Store Jewellery

Creative Ways To Store Jewellery

Are you tired of trying to untangle your favourite necklace and breaking it as a result? Or hunting for the backs to those special earrings. What about trying to find that special, delicate necklace amongst the pretty plastic fun stuff, and breaking it. Every. Single.Time. Time for a de-cluttering reorganisation? Here are some creative ways to store jewellery.

What is the best way to store jewellery so that you can actually see what you have? Make a creative feature of it, upcycle, use your imagination (Pinterest!).

Painted Twigs from Rebeccas DIY: These gorgeous multicoloured twigs are cute and crafty. For those who ooh/aaah at handmade, handcarved stuff obvs.

Hanger Holder from  I SPY DIY: Come on – we know what you’re doing this weekend! Everyone has a few spare wooden coat hangers floating around, and if not, get thee down to Poundland! You’ll need a packet of eyelet hooks too. Constructing this, well, hardly it’s brain surgery, right? Another wicked thing about this one is that you can paint, scratch, graffiti, bling or accessorise the hanger any which way you choose, and then again next week- or just stay classy and paint it metallic (yawn).

5. The Friends Frame from Monaluna : Wasn’t it Friends who started the trend for putting anything other than a photo in a frame? Some ideas can be plain ridic, but this one is geeeenious! Frame your jewellery! Get a gorgeous frame that will look great on your wall, get handy with some wood, glue and tacks, then get creative and allow your gorgeous, colourful jewellery to be the art it really is!

Finally the ultimate life-hacking piece of bravissimo creativity. Some serious upcycling dudes, be prepared:

Behold the cheese grater earring rack.

Look closely, its beauty is a thing to behold and its genius speaks for itself. But I’ll state part of the obvious thing just in case you’re tired, drunk, stupid: it has thousands of holes so this means thousands of- I’ll leave it there.

Happy hacking!

photo credit: Broke And Healthy

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