Creatively Recycle Your Old Stuff!

Creatively Recycle Your Old Stuff!

Renew, Reuse, Recycle. This is the mantra of most civilised people across the world today. And I’m not ashamed to admit, it does get yawnsome at times. But did you know there are so many creative ways to reuse stuff that would normally be thrown out or sent to the recycling dump!

So rather than chucking out your old rusty bike, or that untunable Joanna, get some flowers, a pot of paint and let your heart sing through the brush and get happy on your rubbish! Once you’ve got your recycling strut on, you can keep your eyes out for goodies and, lo and behold, you’ll start seeing exciting freebies everywhere! It’s true what they say; sometimes someone else’s trash, is your treasure!

Bored Panda went and did all a lot of research for us and came up with a brilliant collection of creative and innovative ideas for regular rubbish that most of us will have hanging around our garages, gardens and balconies. Check out the cool urban artists Haroshi, Edouard Martinet, Jane Perkins and Mr. Finch for inspiration that will make you ooh and aaah all the way to the dump!

My favourites is the old plastic spoon into lamp creation! How many of you have bags of plastic spoons from summers of barbecues when you hit Poundland for some party stuff for ten and they only sell bags of plastic plates, spoons and straws in boxes or bags of 100+? Then after the party, you don’t want to throw away the 94 spares, so you bung them to the back of a cupboard, forget they’re there and then buy another 100 for the next barbecue or party, after which, to the back of the cupboard they go!

Plastic spoons and paper plates are great for kiddies arts and crafts, but there are only so many paper faces parents will allow their children to bring home, so these things are such a waste in the long run. Well, no more! Use those spoons to make those cool, urban lamps and sell them on Ebay for a tenner a go. Bosh. Recycling  useless plastic into useful creative home furnishings and make ten times the price it cost in the first place. Love it.

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Check out some more creative uses for your old iron here. 

photo credit: Bored Panda 

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