Decorating bedrooms for kids

Decorating bedrooms for kids

As a child, my bedroom was my haven and more than just a place to sleep. It was where I daydreamed, read my favourite books, fought with my sister, hid from my brother, played and sometimes, even did my homework.

A child’s bedroom is their ‘home with the home’ and so when it comes to planning the room, you’ll need to consider all these options, and  how to ensure the room doesn’t have to be decorated again until they hit their teens, and that can be really hard, especially if the room is small or shared with a sibling, so,

1) Use accessories and colours which can be easily. Try to stay away from dark colours which are difficult to paint over, or changing the structure of the room. Stick with accessories won’t be costly to change. Does your child really need a racing car bed at 5 when they’ll be too big for it at 6? If you can afford it, fine, but if not, stick to a single bed which will last a few years and accessorise around it instead.

2) Get full-sized wardrobes and cabinets. Children wear more clothes than most adults! Especially if they have a school uniform too. Get a wardrobe that can last through the school years and that will accommodate their ever-growing sized shoes! But remember that wardrobe space can also be used for storing bulkier items too, in boxes on top and inside.

3) Consider a bunk bed! Bunk beds are great to share with their siblings, and for sleepovers when they get to that age, but they’re even more practical because you can add a desk underneath a bunk bed when they get older.

4) Create space for the toys!  Raise the bed off of the floor, high enough that you can use underneath for storage drawers or boxes.

5) Personalise the space. Let your children get in on the act and own their room by adding wall stickers, which are easy to apply and give their bedroom a fun theme too which can change with age!

6) Shelving is a must which helps to keep the floor free of accident-creating clutter! If you’re short on wall space then choose shelving with added storage boxes: Expedit shelving units  are such good value and only £20 each and even better are the Dröna storage boxes in yellow, £2.50 each, all from Ikea.

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