Ellen Degeneres and her kitchen…WOW!

Ellen Degeneres and her kitchen…WOW!

You have kitchens and you have kitchens but do you know the difference? Well, a kitchen is there to be cooked in and then you have kitchens which are there to be experienced. Much like Ellen Degeneres’ own kitchen which in itself is  manor.

We can imagine that the more beautiful your kitchen is, the better your cooking skills will be. Of course, this is nonsense, but fun to dream and think all the same. At the same time we can appreciate that much like an inviting bedroom promotes rest, an inviting kitchen may also encourage you to cook better. Most likely you’ll enjoy the food even more too.

This kitchen has a mix of old and new. The wooden beams on the ceiling give it a warmth whilst the stainless steel cupboards give it that modern-industrial feel to it. What’s also lovely about this space is the amount of natural light it boats from the wide window at the side. As you can see its a kitchen where one cooks in. There is no breakfast bar or table and chairs so we’ll assume that’s done in another room.

In either way a gorgeous kitchen which we’d love to have the chance to cook in!

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