Fine dining: Create a beautiful dining table with napkin holders

Fine dining: Create a beautiful dining table with napkin holders

Presentation is everything, they say and we believe this to be true. The more time you spend creating an inviting environment in your home, the more pleasure you receive from it. So what can we do to beautify our eating experience? Well, how about introducing napkin holders to daily life!

Most people spend the majority of their time at work or in school. After a day’s work its great to come back to a lovely welcoming home where you can relax and enjoy for the evening. A part of that experience is the time we spend with our family eating. Unfortunately, eating has become a rush, rush event in Northern Europe as opposed to how the southern Europeans do it. They tend to spend more time with their families at the tables eating, socializing and enjoying each other’s company. Dining is therefore an experience rather than a necessity and creating a beautiful table experience makes this daily moment a ritual to live for.

We took a look at some rather nice accessories available via the internet and stumbled upon Zara Home‘s napkin collection. Now, it may seem quite formal having real cloth napkins at your table but not only are they useful, they’re great to introduce as a standard for families with children and look lovely. Forgetting the napkins for a moment, we’d like to look at some great napkin holders which are available these days.

The above gallery shows a few examples we found and of which we adore. At Zara Home you can find all kinds of napkin holders from fun and funky to modern and chic. Take your pick and Bon Appetite!

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