Home Interior: The Alternative Christmas Tree

Home Interior: The Alternative Christmas Tree

I have found the ultimate Christmas tree for those who favour a minimalist home interior or are looking for an alternative to the usual glitter and kitsch.

Behold: the wallpaper tree. I kid you not. Deborah Bowness  is a wallpaper designer whose forte is playing with illusion to create unique trompe l’oeil effects. She designs wallpaper which gives the effect of furniture, garments and even whole floor to ceiling, wall-to-wall bookshelves. Now, she has designed the ‘Trees for Life’ (not just for Christmas), silk-screened by hand, which, if you close your eyes, turn the lights down low and drink enough mulled wine (or mulled cider, as is the rage this year), will have you hopefully believing you’re looking out a window onto a Scandinavian forest in winter. No glitter, no angel, just Christmas trees in a forest covered with snow. And no needles to stick into your feet or your dogs feet, or the little’uns feet. Minimal fuss, maximum bliss. Check out her website here. 

And for those who would prefer something a little more… three-dimensional, check out these uber cool alternatives below:


The Glass Rod Tree tree from CB2 is made of handcrafted, green beaker glass. Each rod is cut, coloured and arranged in a triangle and the idea is to hang the delicate work of art somewhere it won’t get broken with the attached wire. At only £9.14, it’s stylish and definitely ‘alternative’. Apparrently it glows green in the dark too. Very festive!



For those who prefer the gothic, nightmare before Christmas effect, or who simply want to scare the kids, installation artist Adam Frank has created a flickering shadow of a tree which is cast upon on your wall; the size can be altered simply by moving the tree closer or further away. The Lumen Flame is made from stainless steel and uses an oil burner to create the spectacular effect. 


photo credits: Adam Frank, CB2, Deborah Bowness 

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