Home Interiors: Customise It!

Home Interiors: Customise It!

To most of us, IKEA represents the most affordable, modern home interiors solution. But most people will agree, they can spot an Ikea piece at ten paces! How many of us have walked into someone else’s house and been dismayed to find they own the same furniture? It’s easy to forget it’s mass-produced when mesmerised by the clean lines and cheapish price tags!

However, this needn’t be a problem for those with a little bit of imagination and a creative streak. In fact, you don’t even need an imagination – all you really need is the internet and a bit of time! Ikea furniture, being what it is, is easy to customise and it’s amazing how a can of paint can transform a piece of furniture to make it uniquely yours. There are some brilliant websites out there to motivate you with ideas for what is possible such as Ikeahackers and Mykea which are both full of brilliant, innovative ideas on how to customise, modify, and upgrade or personalise your home interior!

Check out these customisations which are cheap, impressive and quick to achieve.

painting wood furtniture

Paint Job.

To create the perfect lobby table, these clever Ikea shoppers transformed the classic three-tiered console table with a saw and a splash of paint. They cutt off the bottom shelf which gives more space below for taller items or boots and shoes  to be placed underneath, and then left the bottom of the legs unpainted for that trendy “dipped” look. Love it.


comic tsblemap ikeamap2ikea

Picture Perfect

You can personalize absolutely any surface in your home, such as this IKEA LACK table, with a little imagination, comics, magazines,maps of the world or space or even your own photos. Check out this creative table. You just need glue and a bit of patience! Great activity for the kids too. You could even theme your tables… another thing you could do with your old Christmas cards!

For materials, check out Panyl. This company sells a self-adhesive furniture covering which peels, sticks then smooths across your furniture. They have an amazing array of designs and colours for all your home interiors customisation solutions so you should definitely check them out too!

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