Home Interiors: Christmas Tree Ideas

Home Interiors: Christmas Tree Ideas

Christmas is almost here, only five short weeks to go and it’s almost time to start decorating our home interiors and to get ready for Father Christmas.

Decorating the Christmas tree is an activity that we can do with our families, some mulled wine and have fun! It’s also probably the most stressful activity over Christmas, bar getting the turkey in the oven and cooked in time for the Queen’s Speech.  But it’s also a time to show how creative you can be with your home interiors without feeling embarrassed or being accused of being too ostentatious! In fact, Christmas is the only time of the year when people can get seriously loud  all round and be applauded for it.

As I was scanning Pinterest for ideas and inspiration on how to dress my own Christmas tree, I came across some wonderful and slightly zany trees and thought I’d share them with you, being the sharing, caring kinda girl I am!




As we all know a Christmas tree without lights is the most yanwsome tree ever. But this tree takes fairy lights to a new level! This tree is ALL about the lights, I’d imagine this house must generate their own power somehow because it would probably cost the price of a small garage in London to light this baby. But my, look how pretty it glows, and Santa wouldn’t have any trouble finding it!

you are the tree

Do your family and friends ever accuse you of being all about you…  if so, why not prove them right with the ME TREE! Genuis or what? Simply wrap a green jumper in your favourite tinsel and bauble combo, stand in the corner and stick your arms in the air! Also a great way to freak out the kids or gramps after a few ports too! Love it!

mad tree

Seriously: are there professional tree dressers out there? Or people love Christmas so much, they start dressing the tree in July? This gorgeous but highly impossible tree is beautifully coordinated and dressed but must belong to Martha Stewart or someone equally hand with a bit of ribbon. One can only dream. Sigh.


photo credits: Pinterest

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