How to Buy Furniture for Dummies Part 1

How to Buy Furniture for Dummies Part 1

Furniture is more than just practical–it also contributes to your home décor! If you want to decorate your home properly, you need to know how to buy furniture the right way.

Before you head out to the store, do you know what you need to buy? Here are some tips to help you find the right furniture for your rooms:

  • For a long room with the entry at one end, you’ll want to get enough furniture to be comfortable, but not crowded. End tables will balance out a long sofa, and you can buy individuals chairs to face each other or the fireplace.
  • For a small living room, you’ll need plenty of space for walkways, so you may want to stick with smaller pieces of furniture. Long sofas and couches can take up a lot of space you just don’t have.
  • For a living room with a fireplace as the centerpiece, make sure all the sofas and chairs are facing each other, and use a large perimeter rug to keep the living room together. A coffee table will serve as the heart of the living room, and you can use cabinets along the wall for storage.
  • For an irregular room with just one traffic lane, place the furniture out of the path of traffic, and use desks and cabinets along the wall to occupy a bit of space so the living room doesn’t feel too empty.
  • For a square room, make sure to leave enough space for walking, but fill 2/3s with furniture.

Study the layout of your living room, and see what you’ll need to buy in order to decorate the right way. With these tips, you’ll have no problem when you shop!

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