How to Buy Furniture for Dummies Part 2

How to Buy Furniture for Dummies Part 2

Before you leave for the furniture store, you need to know how to buy furniture–or, more specifically, what items of furniture you’ll be needing!

Here is some advice to help you out:

  • Promote conversation — Whatever couches, sofas, or loveseats you buy, remember that your living room is designed to be a space for interaction and conversation. If everything faces the TV, it detracts from the social atmosphere. Have all the furniture facing each other, so buy furniture that will fit the room.
  • Keep a walkway –– You don’t want people to have to sidle between the furniture to sit down, or cling to the walls to get through the room. When buying furniture, make sure that it fits the room and leaves plenty of space along the primary traffic route to enable people to walk through the living room with ease.
  • Have a focal point –– Is the living room focused on your TV, a fireplace, or a coffee table in the middle of the couches? Whatever the focal point, buy furniture that you can organize to face in that direction. The furniture will be placed around that focal point, drawing the eye.
  • Simple is good –– You don’t need to overdo it with the furnishings. Instead of going all out and over-complicating things, why not stick with a simple sofa set? Just get enough seats for your entire family, and leave the more elegant, complex sofa sets for someone else. You don’t want your living room to look “busy”.
  • Get rid of clutter –– Now that you’re bringing in furniture for the home, get rid of anything else that doesn’t belong in the living room: bookshelves, cabinets, drawers, desks, etc. Find space for them somewhere else!

In Part 3, we’ve got a few simple buying tips to help you out…

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