How to Clean Hardwood Floors

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can be beautiful, but they’re a lot of work to take care of! Here is how to clean hardwood floors the right way:

  • Dust the floor first — Don’t break out the soap and water just yet, but use a mop to dust the floor first. Apply a dusting agent to the mop, and it will help to soak up the pet hair, dirt, and debris on the floor. If you try to mop the floor before dusting, you may end up scratching the floor.
  • Vacuum the floor — It may sound odd, but it works! Vacuuming a hardwood floor can suck up most of the larger dirt and debris, making it easier for you to clear away the dust with a duster or dry mop. Use the wooden floor attachment to reduce the risk of scratching.
  • Use electrostatic cloths –– These cloths are negatively charged, so they collect the positively charged dust, dirt, and debris from the floor. They’ll make cleaning a lot easier, and they will help to remove most dust and dirt before you get down to mopping or waxing.
  • Get into deep cleaning –– If you dust your floors regularly, you won’t need to do a deep clean more than once every few months. However, when it comes time for the deep clean, you’d do well to use a product formulated specifically for cleaning wood. Dip your rag or mop into the water (with the product added), and wring it out as much as you can. The rag or mop should be barely damp when you use it to mop the floor. Avoid standing water, and damp-mop carefully to avoid scratches. Turn on the ceiling fan or AC to dry off the floor as quickly as possible.

Follow these steps to clean hardwood floors the right way!

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