How to Keep Your Pantry Organized Part 3

How to Keep Your Pantry Organized Part 3

Having a hard time with your efforts to keep your pantry organized? Use these tips to rock that pantry organization:

  • Separate the snacks — If you buy a lot of chips, cookies, crackers, and pretzels, you should make a point to separate the sweet snacks from the salty snacks. That way, any time you are searching the pantry for something to eat or feed your kids, you’ll know where to look according to your flavor preference. You can use plastic bins to store the snacks, and put a label on each bin to make it easy to know which is which.
  • Keep the frequently used items at eye level — You can store all of the dried goods, sacks, and bags down near the floor, but keep all of the items you regularly use at eye level. This will help you find them more easily, and will save you time wasted searching the pantry.
  • Use lazy Susans –– A lazy Susan is a wonderful organizational tool that will be perfect for any round items–think peanut butters jars, jars of jam, honey bottles, spice containers, etc. You’ll be able to spin the lazy Susans around to see what is stored there, and you’ll have a much easier time storing all of your round items in one place!
  • Stop items from being crushed –– Want to protect your bread and chips from being crushed in your pantry? Store them in wicker baskets! Not only will it add a touch of elegance to your pantry, but it will give you an easy place to store the more fragile foodstuffs. No more crushed bread or chip crumbs!

We’ve got a few more tips in Part 4 that will help you to keep your pantry organized like a pro…

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