How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger Part 1

How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger Part 1

If you want to make a small bathroom look bigger, here are a few smart tricks to try:

  • Shower curtain instead of a glass door — A glass shower cubicle may look fancier, but when you don’t have a whole lot of space to work with, it can make your bathroom seem a lot smaller. After all, if you have to step aside to allow the door to open so you can climb into the shower, it can be a hassle. With a shower curtain and no cubicle, you have more space for shelves and freedom of movement.
  • Use a corner sink –– Instead of installing a pedestal sink right in the middle of the bathroom, install the sink in the corner of the bathroom. It may not be as large or as convenient to use (for shaving and grooming), but it will occupy a whole lot less space in your already crowded bathroom.
  • Use an extended counter –– Instead of placing a separate piece of furniture in the bathroom to serve as a surface for storing your bathroom items, extend the sink behind the toilet. It will use far less room than a separate vanity or shelf, and will add an elegant look to the bathroom.
  • Mount the vanity –– Don’t install a vanity that rests on the floor, but use one that mounts to the wall of the bathroom beneath the sink. You’ll have a bit of space beneath the vanity for small items (such as the bathroom cleaning tools), but you’ll still get all the space you need within the vanity for storing your personal hygiene items.

Want help to make a small bathroom look bigger? Part 2 has a few more solid tips to help you out…

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