How to Make Your House a Home Part 1

How to Make Your House a Home Part 1

A house isn’t really a home until you make it one! Here is how to make your house a home in a few simple steps:

Bring in carpets and rugs — Even if you prefer a cleaner, more contemporary design for your home, nothing says “cold” like bare tile or hardwood floors. There are certain rooms of the house where you want the tile or hardwood, but for the living spaces–i.e., the bedrooms, the living room, sitting room, etc.–bring in rugs or lay down carpet. Something about the soft carpet or rug underfoot will make the room much cozier, improve sound insulation, and add a touch of warmth to the house.

Add runners — Even if the stairs are carpeted, there’s likely very little color and life to the staircase. Instead of re-carpeting, add a runner that goes up the stairs. It will add a touch of brightness, and will break up the monotonous color of the carpet. You’ll find that it totally changes the appearance of the staircase, making it look like someone actually lives in the house.

Install shoe, hat, and coat racks — What’s a great way to feel like you’re coming “home”? Having a place to put your shoes, hat, and coat! In the entrance to the house, hang a coat and hat rack on the wall, and set up a shoe rack or shelf by the front door. That way, the moment you come inside the house and remove your outerwear, you will feel like you are stepping into the place where you can be comfortable and at ease.

Want a few more tips to help you know how to make your house a home? Read Part 2 for more advice…

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