How to Protect Your Home From Mosquitoes and Other Bugs

How to Protect Your Home From Mosquitoes and Other Bugs

Summer is a great time of the year for many reasons – ice cream, swimming, fun outdoor activities, and many more. But there is one thing that nobody likes, or maybe it is better to say “things”, that are the most active during the summer. Of course, we are talking about bugs.

Flies walk around on our food, making it dirty and potentially transmitting diseases, and mosquitoes… does it even need saying? We all know what they do to us, and just how annoying it is. But is there a way to protect your home from them? To prevent the annoyance before it happens? Read on to find out.

Remove standing water

Did you know that it is only the female mosquitos that behave in a vampiric fashion? Males are actually vegetarians. But females need blood for their babies. Mosquitoes need water to breed, and even the tiniest amount of stagnant water can be enough. So the first thing you can do is check everywhere inside and outside your home for places where water could collect, such as unused pots, random toys, pools, drains, etc. Clean them regularly, or if it is something you do not need, remove them.

Place window screens

Most of the bugs that come into our homes during the summer come through the windows, because we keep them open for a long time to battle the heat. A simple solution that will help you immensely is placing a mesh screen on all the windows. Flies and other annoying little creatures will not be able to go in, and you will still be able to get some of that much needed fresh air.

Use a natural repellent

Did you know that there are some scents that mosquitoes really dislike, and that some can even be deadly for them?

If you crush some garlic and boil it in the water, you can spray that water around your house and it will drive mosquitoes away (there is that vampire parallel again).

Mint can be used in a similar way, or you can apply its oil on your body. The same goes for lavender. Not only your house will smell lovely, but the mosquitoes will run away if you use lavender oil as a room freshener. Camphor has been shown to have the longest anti-mosquito effect out of all the natural repellents. All you need to do is light it in a room, close all the windows and doors, and leave it to burn for about fifteen minutes.

Do not leave food uncovered around the house

Many bugs simply love our food. Ants gather around sugar and flies around meat, but they will not turn up their nose to anything else either. So it is a good idea to always cover your food, maybe with a dish cloth, or with a lid. It is also important that if you spill anything, especially something like sugar, you clean it up thoroughly, so the bugs do not have additional incentive to visit you.

Keep a fly swatter somewhere close

If everything else fails, you can simply rely on your reflexes and brute force. No matter how much you bug-proof your house, the chances are that some will still find their way in. Having a fly swatter by your hand will definitely prove useful.

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