How to relax – tips to put your feet up

How to relax – tips to put your feet up

How to relax: We all live busy and stressful lives consumed with work, family, friends and household duties. Being able to relax is therefore important. We may even need to teach ourselves how to do this and this is especially the case when life gets too busy and hectic that we literally have no time to do anything.

If you want to know how to relax at home, then we’re about to share with you a number of nice ideas to help you de-stress, chill and  feel great!  Everyone needs quality time for themselves and we need to make relaxation more of a healthy habit!

how to relax - home.planetfem.comInvest in a good bed

If you knew how many people slept in bad beds, you’d be shocked. People tend to neglect sleeping comfort. Sleeping in a good bed is important for your health. Relaxation and deep sleep are important health aspects too. Too little sleep makes concentration and focus difficult and bad mattresses contribute to bad sleep. The UK Sleep Council produced an interesting guide to buying a bed. There are lots of different things to consider. Are you a back sleeper? Or do you prefer to sleep on your side? Depending on what type of sleeper you are, you may need a different pillow. I bet you didn’t know that? There are many shops online that provide great information about bed, so take the time an invest. You only need to buy a bed once every 10 years at most.

The majority of bed brands give guarantees for even longer periods.

Meditation how to relax -

There’s a lot of talk about meditation and the many benefits it brings to you. Through meditation we teach ourselves to observe our thoughts rather than become a part of them. Sounds strange, but its really quite simple. We have approximately 60.000 thoughts running through our minds a day. Not all of these thoughts are conscious and not all of these thoughts are positive either. Each thought still costs us energy and consumes our day.

So how we we let go of these thoughts? If you’re new to meditation then the use of guided meditation is a good start. The meditation community, Insight Timer is a great place to start as it provides free guided meditations from all over the world and in a variety of languages. Meditation teach us how to relax our thoughts and simply let go of worrying ideas which cause us stress. Implementing meditation into our daily life has many benefits. You don’t have to meditation for hours on end. Just a few minutes a day is enough to produce great results!

how to relax - home.planetfem.comHow to relax in front of the TV

Sitting and relaxing on the sofa or couch is a first step. Maybe you’ll also make yourself a delicious cup of tea! Why not go a step further and literally put your feet up. Yes, by raising your feet and taking the weight off, you’re able to relax even more. If you’re not a fan of putting your feet up on the table, then think about something like a Ottoman or bench.

The great thing about these benches is that they often double up as extra storage space, so you you can put your old magazines or even toys away inside of them. Benches often come in larger shapes, forms, designs and sizes, so depending on your need you can choose the right style for you.

We discovered this red bench and love it.

Price wise its not so expensive. Although its not real leather, which probably makes it more practical with children. It still looks nice and modern with is vibrant color.
how to relax -

If the bench is too small, then what about a round Ottoman. These have lids but are designed in such a way that you can still put your feet up. There is really no excuses in learning how to relax and helping yourself do that in a stylish way, can make it all the more fun.


Gadgets how to relax -

Sometimes we need to take part in a relaxing activity to help us relax. A relaxing walk in the park for forest is such an idea, but if you’re too tired to move, then perhaps using this gadget could help. It’s an Eye Care massage mask with magnets. You place it over your face, lie down and simply relax. The gadget does the work for you by massaging your eyes (closed). If you’re a heavy computer user, like most of us, then this could be a great tool to use after you arrive at home from your work. The gadget claims to help relieve eye strain and improve blood circulation. You can also set the massage tempo to your desired date. We think its worth a try!

We hope you like our few relaxation tips and that you’re able to start learning how to relax more, every single day!

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