Ikea Brings Back 50s, 60s And 70s Style!

Ikea Brings Back 50s, 60s And 70s Style!

Ikea has announced it intends to bring back the table which started its ‘flatpack’ revolution in celebration of its 70th birthday this year.

The furniture item concerned is the 1950s style table is set to now be considered a vintage piece. Not only that, but Ikea has announced it will start manufacturing and selling furniture it offered back when it began in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, meaning that retro is back n style. Exciting times, especially for Jazz heads, funksters and hippies, who we’re sure, would love to recreate those cool and long gone styles in their homes.

Ikea will be celebrating 70 years in business this year and the release of the vintage furniture designs is in celebration. The limited-edition range will be a 26-piecer and called the ÅRGÅNG collection. It looks set to included styled furniture, lighting, textiles, and tableware, reviving Ikea’s “faithful old servants,” such as the iconic butterfly chair and pendant lamp alongside other Nordic designs which brought Nordic simplicity and plastic flatpack to the rest of the world, usurping our love of heavy wooden furniture with light and more streamlined designs which experimented with style, shape and colour and became staple furniture for everyone from students to grandmothers.

Ikea have also promised to produce its much-loved three-legged table called Lövbacken from 1956. The designer was Gillis Lundgren. Lundgren  came upon the idea by visiting a store, picking up a three-legged, leaf-like LÖVET side table, and realising that it would not fit in his car. So he bought it, sawed off the legs and put the pieces inside his car, determined to rebuild it when he got home. Which he did and in the process has become the Godfather of Flatpack and responsible for refugee housing, London suburbs, boutique hotels, and much more, including headaches, rows and probably divorces!

Thanks Gillis!

photo credit Ikea

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