Inxpensive and Simple Ways to Freshen Up Your Kitchen

Inxpensive and Simple Ways to Freshen Up Your Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling can be very expensive, especially if you want to upgrade your appliances alongside the new kitchen elements. But if you just want to make your old kitchen look fresh and a bit more modern, with a little effort you can achieve a lot.

For example, if you are skilled with tools or have someone to help you with such things, you do not have to spend money on the new look of the kitchen. You can recycle some old boards to use as shelves, or use some leftover paint on walls or kitchen elements. Here are some other ideas and tricks.

Bring some color in with colorful chairs

If you have some old chairs, try painting them in different colours. This is especially effective in white kitchens. You can also add other details in those particular colours around the kitchen.

Get some hanging lamps

Hanging lamps can be a wonderful decoration for your kitchen that will bring all the other elements together and be noticeable, but not in a ‘in your face’ way. They also come in many unique shapes, so you can find something that is simply you.

Make some new shelves

One thing that is lacking in most kitchens is the storage space. New shelves can also come in handy as a decoration, and of course, you can use them to display all the things you have been collecting or you simply find lovely.

Paint everything in the same color

Get the same colour for the walls and kitchen elements and paint the kitchen in one colour. You can bring playfulness with objects and decorations in different colours then, such as the chairs that were mentioned before.

Get a new dining table

You can get inexpensive dining tables and put them in the kitchen for quick breakfasts or snacks. A new table can fill the empty space and bring modernity to the kitchen.

Show off the things that are already there

Remove the doors from the kitchen cabinets or replace them with shelves. All the lovely dishes you have will instantly become decorations too.

Use patterns

An old vintage carpet or a floral patterned wallpaper can bring a lot of character to your boring old kitchen. Try out different patterns, and you can also use wallpaper on kitchen elements.

Make new cabinets for snacks and spices

New simple cabinets and shelves for spices or snacks will give you more space and look stylish and original.

Refresh your kitchen appliances with new colors

Did you know that you can paint the kitchen appliances? Yes, there are special colors for appliances that will give your kitchen a whole new look at very little cost.

Use plates for wall decoration

If you have some particularly nice old plates (especially if you only have one left after the rest of the set got broken) hang them on the walls. You can also get beautiful vintage plates at street fairs or get lucky at yard sales. Just glue them to the walls or secure them with plate holders.

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