Living Room Ideas For Christmas: Tinsel

Living Room Ideas For Christmas: Tinsel

Christmas is just around the corner, and for those of you who like to make a big deal and get festive, check out these living room ideas for Christmas decorations.

The living room is where all the celebrating gets done! So this is where you can go to town with your decorations to impress everyone and make Christmas a really festive celebration.

  • Decorate with tinsel. I don’t mean the thick, cheap stuff from the poundshop. Get some swish colourful thin tinsel and use it on framed holiday family photos, decorate your indoor plants and flowers, and don’t forget the Christmas tree which will be the focal point. Choose its place of honour well. Somewhere the dog or drunk relatives can’t knock it over, but it’s easily accessible for Father Christmas to leave the pressies underneath!  Tesco have a cool tinsel range. 
  • tesco tinsel
  • Add the personal touch to your home for Christmas by making your own Christmas decorations. I’ve got my nephews booked in for a mammoth Christmas card and decoration day. We’re going to use last year’s Christmas cards and a range of materials I’ll buy online at this fantastic arts and craft store which sells all you need to make your own designs really cheaply. It’s fun and personal, exactly what Christmas should be about. And the kids love it! Check out some simple ideas for Christmas decorations here.


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