How to Make Your Home Look Expensive

How to Make Your Home Look Expensive

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your home look expensive, but here are a few simple changes you can make to upgrade the décor:

Swap out old appliances and furniture — Nothing makes your house look dated or old like old furniture and appliances. If you want to give your home a modern, expensive appeal, swap out your furniture and appliances for all new, upgraded ones. They’ll save you money in the long run, and look good doing so.

Tile the walls — Tile, if done right, can make your home look much more elegant. Use fancy kitchen tile on the walls around your cabinets and counters, and you’ll love how it adds both color and class to the utilitarian room.

Enhance the ceiling — Don’t let your overhead light fixtures be boring or stark, but upgrade them to enhance the elegance of the décor. Think crystal chandeliers with LED light bulbs, track lights for more versatile lighting, or even fancy ceiling treatments that focus the eye on the light fixture. It’s all about adding a touch of detail without overdoing it!

Stick with neutral colors — While some modern trends include bright colors for your interior décor, you want to go with the classic neutral tones. Fancy, high-end homes stick with neutral colors, which have an innate elegance bright colors can’t match.

Upgrade the doors — Most of us think to upgrade our exterior doors in order to enhance curb appeal, but what about interior doors? After a few years of hard living, they may need an upgrade too. Consider switching out the interior doors, or at least changing the hardware (door knobs).

Follow these tips, and you can make your home look expensive without spending a fortune.

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