Make Your Bedroom a Better Place Part 3

Make Your Bedroom a Better Place Part 3

To make your bedroom a better place, you don’t have to spend a small fortune or do spring cleaning every day! It’s as simple as making a few small changes:

Upgrade the window coverings — Are your curtains looking old and faded? Are they very dusty and in need of a good washing? Would glass curtains offer privacy without blocking the sunlight? You’d be surprised how wonderful a new set of curtains can look, and it can totally change the décor of the room. Adjust the curtain rod to ensure that it is properly installed and offers good coverage for the room, and tweak any design details in order to give the windows a facelift.

Add light and color — Is your bedroom looking a bit drab and dull? If so, it’s time to spice things up with lamps, a new light fixture, colorful decorations, or pieces of art to hang on the walls. Before you run off to the décor store, shop around the other rooms in your house to see if you can find something from there. You may have pictures, paintings, lamps, and unused light fixtures in some of the other rooms, and you can take them from there and bring them to your bedroom. Cheap and easy upgrades!

Change your bed — If you don’t spend a lot of time in your bedroom, do you really need a fancy four-poster bed? Perhaps it’s time to downgrade to a smaller bed, one that doesn’t take up as much space in the bedroom. Either that, or get rid of the massive frame, and use a smaller, sleeker frame. You’d be amazed by how nice it feels to get a new–or different–bed!

In Part 4, we’ve got more ways to make your bedroom a better place…

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