Modern Light Shades Are Very Cool!

Modern Light Shades Are Very Cool!

What’s the difference between modern light shades, lamps and lighting, and modern art. No really, what’s the difference?

Lighting design has come a long way, to the point of reinvention! Two British living design legends decided to join forces to create a new version of the iconic Type75 desk lamp. Sir Kenneth Anglepoise and Paul Smith, have put their creativity together for a special-edition revamping of Sir Kenneth Grange’s iconic Type75 desk lamp. The desk lamp is our title piece (see photo above) and they are not the only ways, fusing functional interior lighting systems with art, creating beautiful structures which wouldn’t be out of place in a gallery. Below are our favourite picks from an impressive 90 innovative and creative light fixtures, the Interior Design editors adore enough to have chosen for a special in their latest edition.

Piece no1 is Farah Al Humaidhi’s Round Lamp Piece table lamp. Made with hardened crochet shade by Pieces by Farah, this unnerving creation looks as soft as it is hard. A wonderful mixed-use of materials to create a unique piece which looks oddly familiar and yet wouldn’t look out of place at the Science Museum.


No 2, is reminiscent of the bygone jazz  and blues days thus made “For the New Orleans French Quarter,” Kevin Caulfield at Nemaworkshop says about their unusual design which has been created using illuminated voodoo pins that “pop out of the corridor ceiling.”


Christopher Poehlmann’s uber modern, ultra minimalist  hanging half-sphere Chroma pendant is so classy, it hurts the eyes. Interior Design says it accepts incandescent, fluorescent, or LED Lamping, and also features a spun-steel body and an all-white interior. It can be made in a variety of colours and finishes; polished aluminum or powder-coated shiny red, shiny white, matte white, or matte black.


Finally, but by no means least, its the Libro pendant, by Laura Kirar. This delightful hand blown amber-glass lamp comes singly and as a cascade of three or five gold-flecked amber-glass diffusers. We say three is the magic number. Finish options are satin brass, brushed or polished nickel, and architectural bronze. Such elegance, this has featured as a must-have in all the respectable furniture and interior design magazines, and now, at PlanetFem. It’s easy to see why.

Libro pendant by Laura Kirar.

All were featured in Interior Design’s Fall Market tabloid and can be bought through their product find, here.

photo credits: Interior Design

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