Planning the Landscaping for a New Home Part 3

Planning the Landscaping for a New Home Part 3

If you do the landscaping for a new home right, you’ll find that it’s much more beautiful–both from the outside and the inside! It’s an important part of keeping the value of your home high.

It’s vital that you have a master landscaping plan before you start hiring out contractors and installing the various elements. The master plan will help you know how you want the landscape to look, and it will keep you on track. Plus, it will give the contractors a blueprint to follow.

It’s also important that you prioritize on the installation of the various elements. Get the important elements out of the way first, and everything else will fall into place.

Here’s how the installation should go:

Step 1: The foundation elements — What large plants, shrubs, and trees are most important for your landscaping? A few trees can help to provide shade and keep your soil healthy, so make sure to get these large and important elements installed first.

Step 2: The grass — Once you have the trees and shrubs installed, it’s time to lay out the grass. Grass takes time to set and grow, so it’s vital that you do it early on in the process.

Step 3: The fancy extras — Are you planning on installing a swimming pool, a gazebo, or a deck? These are the final elements of your landscaping, and they’re the fancy extras that you should do once the lawn, yard, and garden are all finished.

Install the front of the house first, move on to any other visible parts of the property, and finish off with the backyard or the parts of the property that only you can see.

In Part 4, we take a look at the various elements of your landscaping…


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