Quick and Easy Roof Maintenance Tips Part 2

Quick and Easy Roof Maintenance Tips Part 2

The roof can be one of the costliest parts of your house to replace, and it’s also one of the most prone to damage! It’s always best to invest time and money into maintenance rather than repair or replacement.

Here are some simple roof maintenance tips to help you keep your roof in good shape:

  • Inspect it regularly — You need to check the roof at least two or three times per year, but more is better! Get up on the roof during the late autumn, and clean the gutters, sweep the roof, and get rid of debris. In the early spring, look for signs of winter damage from ice, snow, and water. If there is a storm or heavy winds, inspect the roof to see if anything was damaged or blown away. The more you check the roof, the more likely you will be to catch signs of damage early on.
  • Cut back trees — While overhanging tree limbs may look beautiful, they can be a serious problem for the roof. There is a very real risk that the tree limbs will break off and fall onto your roof, but the branches will also shed leaves, twigs, and bark during the autumn. If the branches rest on the shingle, they can wear away or even push aside the protective coating. Cut back the tree limbs so they are no longer overhanging your roof!
  • Clean the gutters –– If you leave your gutters full, the weight of debris, leaves, and water can crack the gutters. Check to ensure the gutters are firmly secured, free of cracks and gaps, and clear of all debris and leaves.

Follow these tips to keep your roof in good shape!

Image Source: nashvilleroofer.org


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