Simple Tips for Living Room Décor Part 1

Simple Tips for Living Room Décor Part 1

With the right décor, you can make even a small living room look bigger, and turn any living space into a comfy, elegant room!

Here are a few tips to help you get that living room décor just right:

Use light colors — If you have a small living room space that you want to expand, use light-colored rugs, furniture, and paint for the walls. Hang light-colored curtains, and make sure the décor is generally a light color theme. The brighter colors can make even smaller spaces look bigger, and it will add a touch of brightness that will give it a cheery atmosphere.

Add metallic touches — Did you know that installing metallic objects around your living room will give it a bright, cheery look? The metal will reflect light, helping to brighten things up. You’ll find that shiny lamps, light fixtures, tables, and decorative items will be a wonderful addition to your living room décor, and it’s a cheap, easy way to expand the living room space–at least visually!

Hang a mirror — Installing a mirror on your living room wall may seem like a silly idea, but it works to make your space look a lot bigger than it is! The mirror will reflect light, making the room a whole lot brighter and cheerier. The reflection in the mirror will also make the room appear larger than it is, helping you to turn a small, compact space into something comfortable. The larger your mirror, the airier and more relaxed the room will feel.

Want more tips to help you get your home living room décor just right? Read Part 2 to find out some more awesome ways to decorate your living spaces…

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