Simple Tips for Living Room Décor Part 2

Simple Tips for Living Room Décor Part 2

With the right living room décor, you can turn any living space into a comfortable, cozy place! It’s not about upgrading your furniture, breaking down an interior wall to add more space, or even installing an entertainment unit–it’s all about your décor!

Here are a few things you can do to make your living room look more beautiful:

Hang floating shelves — Floating shelves are the perfect compromise between additional storage and space saving. You can install a floating shelf to hang over a side table or a desk, but you’ll still have all that extra space to store books, games, pictures, and decorative items. They will take up far less space in the room, making them ideal for those with smaller living rooms and less wall space.

Make your windows LOOK bigger — There are a few simple tricks that will make your windows look bigger than they really are. For example, if you hang the curtain rods a few inches above the top of the window, it will make the windows look taller. Hang the rods a few inches past the edges of the window, and you make them look wider. It’s all about tricking the eye!

Use your corners wisely — The corners of your room don’t have to be empty just because you don’t have a couch that fits in the small space! Why not place a chair in the corner, along with a small reading table and a standing lamp? All of a sudden, you have a beautiful reading nook! Or, if you need more storage space, you can install a corner bookshelf. For those who want more seating space, place an accent chair in the corner of the room. Make wise use of all your space!

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