Small Dining Rooms 101 Part 1

Small Dining Rooms 101 Part 1

A small dining room can still be beautiful!

You can still decorate your dining room to be elegant, and it will be much cozier than a larger one. Here are some tips to help you make the most of small dining rooms:

  • Use a round table — King Arthur and his knights must have had a small dining room, too! Round tables use far less floor space, and you can fit them into a smaller room easily. You won’t fit quite as many people or as comfortable as a square table of equal diameter, but you’ll find that a round table will fit into tight corners nicely. If you want to use less space but still have enough seating, go for a round table.
  • Try a folding table –– If you really don’t have any space for a permanent dining room (such as when you live in a 1 or 2-bedroom apartment), why not use a folding table and chairs as your eating space? You can find all manner of beautifully-crafted folding table and chair sets, which can collapse and be stored out of the way until it’s time to eat. It makes a much more practical, beautiful option for your dining room!
  • Use the countertops –– If you have an island or an extra kitchen countertop, it can double as a dining room setup. It won’t work for a large family, but it will be the efficient solution for feeding two to four people. You’ll use up far less space in your house, and there’s really no need for a dining room table when you can eat at the kitchen bar or island.

Need more tips to help you make proper use of small dining rooms? Check out Part 2 for more…

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