Small Dining Rooms 101 Part 3

Small Dining Rooms 101 Part 3

Small dining rooms don’t have to be cramped or uncomfortable! The tips below will help you use your dining room right, no matter how small it is:

  • Hang a modest chandelier over the table — Instead of having the light fixture on the roof, hang a small chandelier over the dining room table. This will help to draw the attention of your guests, and will distract them from noticing how close the walls are to the tables. The chandelier will also give the dining room a much cozier, warmer ambience–perfect for pleasant, intimate family meals.
  • Downsize the chairs –– Sometimes it’s nice to have fancy chairs, complete with plush cushions, back rests, and arm rests. But if you have a small dining room, you won’t have the space for the fancy. You’ll need to find chairs that are much more compact, with less cushioning and made with metal rather than wood. They’ll be easier to fit into the small dining room space, and they’ll still be comfortable enough to sit around in.
  • Hang mirrors –– If you’ve ever seen a room with mirrors hanging on the wall, you’ll know how much larger than room “appears” to be. For those who want to add a bit more space to their dining room, you can hang a mirror or two on the dining room walls. It won’t actually increase the space of the room, but it will make it look like the room is bigger. It’s a simple trick of the eye that will help to enhance the appeal of your dining room.

In Part 4, we’ve got a few more quick and easy tricks to help you make the most of small dining rooms, no matter the size!

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