Smart Tips for Safe Home Demolition Part 2

Smart Tips for Safe Home Demolition Part 2

If you’re doing home renovations, it’s likely that you’ll need to do some demolition work to take out walls, windows, doors, bathroom fixtures, etc. Here are some smart tips for safe home demolition:

Add extra time for demolition — To do the demolition work right takes time! You can’t rush through the demolition process, as being in a hurry increases the risk that you’ll make silly mistakes–or even serious ones that could cause major damage. Be smart and set aside time.

You should spend at least one day doing demolition, but larger projects may require two or three days. This will include the time needed to remove any furniture and fixtures from the room, protect the floors, doors, and windows, and plan the demolition process. Then, once you get started, you don’t want to leave the job half-done. Only stop once the demolition is complete and the area is cleaned up. That’s when you’re ready to move on to the renovation.

Know what is behind each wall — When planning to take down a wall, it’s vital that you know what’s on the other side of the drywall or plaster. If you don’t, you could damage something important!

What could be on the other side of the wall? Water pipes, electrical conduits and live wires, gas pipes, asbestos (more commonly in the ceiling), or even an important structural pillar in the house could be just a few inches away from your sledgehammer. Before you go full-on demolition man, break a small hole in the wall and use a flashlight to explore just to be certain that you’re not going to damage anything important.

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