Smart Tips for Safe Home Demolition Part 3

Smart Tips for Safe Home Demolition Part 3

If you’re going to improve your home, you may have to do some demolition work first. In order to do it right, follow these smart tips for safe home demolition:

Pick up as you go — Unless you have the energy to power through the demolition all at once, it’s better to clean up your mess as you make it. You’ll spend a lot less time cleaning up at the end, and it will save you from having to haul away piles and piles of garbage.

As you tear chunks out of the wall, collect them and throw them into a wheelbarrow or rolling garbage bin. When the bin or barrow is full, take it out and empty it. This will give you a break from your high intensity demolition work, and you’ll keep your home much cleaner.

Get the right tools —  What sort of tools do you need for a proper demolition job? You need a sledgehammer to take down walls, a large crowbar for the more stubborn sections of wall, a prybar, and a clawhammer (one you don’t mind getting all dinged up and damaged). You may need a saw of some sort (a reciprocating saw will usually do nicely), as well as mask, goggles, and gloves. Have all of these things on hand before you get started with the demolition.

What do you do if you don’t have all the tools? Go out and buy them, of course! You don’t want to get caught midway through your demolition project without the tools to do the job, so make sure to have them handy when you begin the demolition.

Want more smart tips for safe home demolition? Read Part 4 for a few final pieces of advice…

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